Your next hire is much more than his resume!

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Your next hire is much more than his resume!

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How it Works

How a simple 6 step process can get you your next employee.

Create a Recruiter Profile

Create a Job

Job promoted among candidades

Candidates take assessment

Shortlist Candidates

Interview & Hire

What sets us apart

Candidate Discovery

We help companies reach out their potential employees efficiently through both our online and offline marketing channels.

Skill Assessments

We conduct proctered skill based assessments at our test centers which help recruiter to assess the candidates.

Personality Assessment

We conduct an in-house personality test which consists of an online test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview to help recruiters assess the candidates.

Certificate Verifications

Apart from the assessments we also verify candidate's documents and certifications so that the recruiter gets unadulterated information .

Graphology Analysis

We also have our in-house Graphology experts who assess the candidate's handwriting and give the recruiters some meaningful insights of the candidate's personality.

Employer Dashboard

The recruiters get a dashboard on our platform which can be used to create and manage jobs as well as shortlist candidates. They can also see the complete generated reports about every candidate here

Some of our Recruiters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Nfly?

A. Nfly is a recruitment platform connecting young and talented college grads and passouts to companies/start-ups.

Q.What geographical regions are you serving in?

A. We believe in the philosphy of "Start small, scale fast", and hence we have started our operations in Kolkata, West Bengal. We also serve in some of the bigger districts of West Bengal. And soon we are planning to expand our reach to other eastern states.

Q.What job profiles are you serving for?

A. We can provide you candidates for both Technical as well as Non Technical job profiles in both entry level and sub-entry level hiring.

Q.What are the charges for your services?

A. As a part of our signup plan a recruiter has to pay nothing for the first six months of our services. If you are intrested to know more drop us a mail at

Q.How can we get in touch with you?

A. You can contact us at 8420166148 or drop us a mail on We would love to hear from you.

Q.How does the platform work?

A. Following steps expain how the platform works:
1. Recruiter creates a job using their dashboards.
2. We promote the job description among job seekers.
3. Candidates/job seekers applies for the job by registering on the website.
4. Post signup they give Skill Assessment Test(SAT) and Personality Evaluation Test(PAT).
5. Based on these test we create a NFLY Profile report of each applicant.
5. The recruiter evaluates the report of every candidate using his/her dashboard.
6. Upon evaluation the recruiter shortlists the candidates and call them for Interview.

Q.How do you reach out potential candidates?

A. NFLY is an intiative of the leading education portal of West Bengal. Started in 2010, MyWBUT has wide outreach among college students in West Bengal and has more than 2.5 Lakhs registered users. Leveraging MyWBUT's huge outreach amalgamated with other channels we make you reach your potential hires

Q.What is your USP?

A. We would consider our USP to be the face time that we get with the job-seeker, by various channels i.e multiple tests, Group Discussion, Certificate Verification and graphology test etc which puts us in a better vantage point to judge him/her for a particular job requirement.All of this data is carefully crafted to form a report which gives recruiter the same perspective about the candidate that we have.